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  1. XML - Wikipedia


    XML is used extensively to underpin various publishing formats. XML is widely used in a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). Disparate systems communicate with each other by exchanging XML messages. The message exchange format is standardised as an XML schema (XSD). This is also referred to as the canonical schema.

  2. How to Create XML for an RSS Feed - lifewire.com


    Additionally, XML created for an RSS feed must use <rss> as the root element and list the version (in the example below, we're using "2.0"). Be sure to look through the documentation provided by your RSS reader and use the version required by the site.

  3. What is a XML Feed? - Define XML Feed - brickmarketing.com


    XML feeds are a form of paid inclusion where a search engine is fed information about an advertiser’s web pages by XML. XML is a data delivery language that stands for “Extensible Markup Language” and allows users to define their own elements for sharing structured data.

  4. XML RSS - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


    Without RSS, users will have to check your site daily for new updates. This may be too time-consuming for many users. With an RSS feed (RSS is often called a News feed or RSS feed) they can check your site faster using an RSS aggregator (a site or program that gathers and sorts out RSS feeds).

  5. NOAA - National Weather Service - XML data feeds - Current ...


    About RSS RSS is an XML based document format for syndicating news and other timely news-like information. It provides headlines, URLs to the source document and brief description information in an easy to understand and use format.

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  7. Include Your Jobs with XML | Indeed.com


    Include Your Jobs with XML Providing us with an XML feed is the fastest way to get your jobs on Indeed. Once your feed is ready, submit your jobs or contact us if you have any questions.

  8. XML Data Feeds - Eventful API


    XML Event Feeds If your application requires importing a large set of events into your own data store, Eventful can generate XML files suitable for import. XML feed files are delivered on a weekly basis, with update files available daily.Since the list of events can be rather large we recommend that your xml importer be based on a SAX ...

  9. What an XML Search Feed Can Do for You | AdMedia


    AdMedia XML feeds allow you to benefit from popular search engines like Yahoo and Google as well as highly-ranked shopping sites. If you operate a large website that offers a variety of products and services, then an XML feed is a great way to optimize your search engine.

  10. RSS (really simple syndication) service is a means by which CNN.com offers feeds of story headlines in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors to CNN.com (the "CNN Site") who use RSS aggregators.