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  1. Annuity Calculator - Bankrate.com


    An annuity is an investment that provides a series of payments in exchange for an initial lump sum. With this calculator, you can find several things:

  2. Our annuity calculator can help you easily calculate annuity payments, length or the required principal and growth rate to meet your income target.

  3. Annuity Calculator - CNNMoney


    Figure out your income for life with CNNMoney's annuity calculator.

  4. Annuity Calculator


    Free annuity calculator to forecast the growth of an annuity with optional annual or monthly additions using either annuity due or immediate annuity. Experiment with other retirement planning calculators, or explore hundreds of individual calculators addressing other topics such as math, fitness, health, and many more.

  5. Financial Calculator: Fixed Annuity Calculator


    A Fixed Annuity can provide a very secure, tax-deferred investment. It can provide a guaranteed minimum interest rate, with no taxes due on any earnings until they are withdrawn from the account. Use this calculator to help you determine how a Fixed Annuity might fit into your retirement plan ...

  6. Annuity Payout Calculator


    Free annuity payout calculator to find the payout amount based on fixed length or to find the length the fund can last based on given payment amount. It considers inflation and payout frequency.

  7. Present Value of an Annuity Calculator | Investopedia


    Present Value of an Annuity Calculator - Given the interest rate per time period, number of time periods and payment amount of an annuity you can calculate its present value.

  8. Annuity Calculator - Moneychimp


    Annuity Formula. Annuities are used in retirement accounts, where the goal is to make a starting balance pay a fixed annual amount over a given number of years.. See How Finance Works for the annuity formula.

  9. Income Annuity Estimator: Calculate Your Payout | Charles Schwab


    Income annuities can provide the confidence that you will have guaranteed retirement income for life or a set period of time*. Many clients purchase income annuities to help cover their essential expenses, as defined by them, in retirement.

  10. Get annuity quotes personalized for you. Figure out what you need with free custom quotes that make sense for your retirement; Earn the most income by comparing the best rates and payouts instantly online