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GOP senators reportedly 'blindsided' by Bolton revelations

Tim O'Donnell

Republican senators reportedly want to get to the bottom of how the excerpts from former National Security Adviser John Bolton's forthcoming book leaked out, The New York Times reports.

The word is the leaks came from inside the White House, and "blindsided" senators are reportedly itching to figure out who provided the Times with the scoop about key contents in Bolton's book, including his recollection of President Trump's alleged Ukraine quid pro quo.

They're in an awkward spot with a vote on witnesses in Trump's Senate impeachment trial on the horizon since it will likely be more difficult for Republicans to dismiss Bolton's story now that it's out in the open. Most GOP lawmakers have been quiet so far, though Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said it'll be "interesting to see what happens" following Bolton's revelation. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), meanwhile, argued the timing of the report feels like an attempt to influence the witness vote; he still thinks it's a "bunch of hearsay" at the moment.

But other Republican senators reportedly think there might actually be a silver lining in all this — one Senate source told The Dispatch that the Bolton revelations seemingly make a witness swap of Bolton for Hunter Biden "more viable."

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