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  • Cravings - Duração: 2 minutos e 31 segundos.

    • 7 meses atrás
    • 1.705 visualizações
    My BFA 2 Animated Short Film, done in the CalArts Character Animation Program 2019.

    Animated and directed by Kim McMahon
    Score by Roy Berardo
    Re Recording Mix by Ben Huff
    Voice Actor of Ben by Ris...
  • The Night before I leave - One week film - Duração: 29 segundos.

    • 1 ano atrás
    • 3.142 visualizações
    My first week of my second year at the CalArts Character Animation Program has been productive! Here's a short personal film about leaving my beloved home country before moving to California again,...
  • Painting and Hiking in Saxon Switzerland - Duração: 8 minutos e 1 segundo.

    • 1 ano atrás
    • 1.553 visualizações
    My first year at CalArts is over and I'm spending my summer back home in Germany. Here I decided to drive six hours from where I live to camp out alone in the beautiful nature of Saxon Switzerland ...
  • Midnight Ball - CalArts First Year Film 2018 - Duração: 94 segundos.

    • 1 ano atrás
    • 7.688 visualizações
    A little girl tries to find a dance partner on a midnight ball full of monsters and demons and ghosts. This was my first animated film done in the Character Animation Program at CalArts. More to co...
  • First few weeks at CalArts-Character Animation Program - Duração: 7 minutos e 13 segundos.

    • 1 ano atrás
    • 42.038 visualizações
    Me doing a lot of homework in my first weeks at CalArts in the Character Animation Program. Sorry that I posted this so late, I had to wait until winter break to edit.
  • Moving into CalArts-Dorm Tour - Duração: 14 minutos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 26.861 visualizações
    My first week at the California Institute of The Arts is over! I documented some moments out of this week in this Video, such as me decorating my dorm room, exploring the cubes (Work space for us C...
  • My Watercolor Trip to Asia - Duração: 12 minutos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 1.635 visualizações
    This is my very late update on my two month long trip to Thailand and Laos. Together with my sister, I filled my backpack with my favorite watercolor supplies and sketch books and explored cities, ...
  • My Travel Art Supplies (Watercolors) - Duração: 6 minutos e 52 segundos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 1.951 visualizações
    This is what I take with for my backpacker trip through Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

    Check out my instagram: kim.mcmahon !
  • My WATERCOLOR ART SUPPLIES // all you need - Duração: 8 minutos e 57 segundos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 2.934 visualizações
    I listed all the great Art supplies I discovered over the last few years. They are easy to use and will make you watercolor paintings so much easier to do!
  • Me Doodling with my favorite Pens - Duração: 4 minutos e 7 segundos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 1.183 visualizações
    Having some fun while doodling a rather chaotic sketch. I just felt like recording myself while doing that. I hope you enjoy!

    Music by the wonderful Declan Miller again.
  • How to paint Watercolor Landscapes in Winter - Duração: 6 minutos e 31 segundos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 1.283 visualizações
    It is wayyy too cold to sit down outside and paint in winter! So I was forced to do this one at home, after an inspiring walk looking for painting ideas.

    I recorded myself painting that small sno...
  • Skinny Love - Animation 2016 - Duração: 3 minutos e 19 segundos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 3.919 visualizações
    This was a project I did two years ago for a school project and my first try on animating with the awesome program TV Paint.
    Even though it's still far from professional, I had so much fun doing t...
  • Leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you want to share your application experiences so far. I'm very curious :)

    My accepted ART PORTFOLIO 2017 / for CalArts, Ringling, and CCA - Duração: 14 minutos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 79.522 visualizações
    I see many people posting their admissions sketchpad, but I feel that nobody shows the rest of their portfolio online. So I decided to explain my digitally submitted Portfolio, hoping that it may h...
  • Accepted CalArts Sketchbook// My ART PORTFOLIO - Duração: 3 minutos e 36 segundos.

    • 2 anos atrás
    • 26.714 visualizações
    My finished CalArts Sketchbook. I'm applying for the Character Animation program in Fall 2017, and I am extremely nervous... Let's just see how it goes. They will let me know if I got in around Apr...
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