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What is an IT help desk?

From the course: IT Help Desk for Beginners

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    Interested in a job in IT? Get the skills you need to pursue an entry-level position as an IT help desk technician. This course is an ideal starting point for job seekers wishing to venture into the field of technical support or seeking to strengthen their overall technical savvy and skills. It covers the fundamental IT help desk responsibilities, including software installation, networking, and troubleshooting. Learn about removing software from a computer, networking through the command line, joining computers to a domain, and more. Instructors Jason Ruediger and Mariecor Agravante also teach important soft skills, including customer service skills relevant to the help desk professional.


    • Jason Ruediger

      Jason Ruediger

      Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at HypheNet
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      Jason Ruediger is an IT educator and senior systems engineer.

      He is a seasoned professional with managerial responsibilities in the IT field. He has expertise in help desk, networking, virtualization, cloud computing, and network security. Mr. Ruediger earned his bachelor of science degree in network security engineering. He is also a military veteran.

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    Skills covered in this course

  • Welcome

    - [Instructor] Hello, and welcome back to IT Help Desk for Beginners. In this video, we will go over what is IT Help Desk. First, what is the definition of IT Help Desk. IT Help Desk is essentially the department that provides assistance with an issue. In smaller companies, it can be one person in charge of answering questions that emerge, especially when needing guidance with the use of products or services. In larger companies, the help desk can be a group of experts utilizing particular software to analyze and track the status of issues, questions, and problems that arise. Other names for this department include Customer Support Center, IT Solutions Center, Resource Center, IT Response Center, Information Center, Technical Support Center, or other variations, but all are essentially IT Help Desk. How is the IT Help Desk different from the FAQ page? The IT Help Desk goes beyond a frequently asked questions or FAQ page, because the help desk is interactive, whereas the FAQ page is static. The IT Help Desk, after all, handles inbound phone or email inquiries, which is very different from the FAQ page that lists on a website the compilation of quick answers to commonly asked queries. The FAQ page is like an informative document that details, in question and answer format, some easy guidance tips, but for more specific issues and more complex situations, the IT Help Desk brings resources to bear to provide solutions to the client or customer satisfaction, preferably in real time. What is the purpose of the IT Help Desk? The main purpose of the IT Help Desk is to be a technical resource for clients and customers to contact whenever problems arise with their IT services. The key word is technical, because the IT Help Desk is technically focused. Thus, any time a client or customer is experiencing issues of a technical nature with the use of your company's IT infrastructure, then the IT Help Desk is contacted to resolve it in a timely fashion. In turn, the IT Help Desk is an essential part of any IT business establishment because it can boost customer satisfaction as well as future sales. Join us in our next session where we learn about the CRM.

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