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Writing Resources You NEED to Know About

Many aspiring authors spend hours and hours, alone behind their computers tap, tap, tapping away. Then those hours turn into months, and of course, the months slip into years. This is admirable. If I'm confident of anything, it's that to be an author you have to be willing to spend hours

Junk Journalism: Why Writing For Ad Space Turns Readers Off

The most frustrating thing that can happen to someone attempting to research most any subject online is running into Junk Journalism. You visit a website looking for serious information or content only to be confronted by a wordy, mostly useless article. If you are lucky it might contain one or t

Keep Your Journal for Yourself

I love reading that sales of stationary are on the increase. It's wonderful to imagine people handwriting messages of congratulations, commiseration, thank you's and other personalised notes to each other, thinking up ways to communicate their thoughts and feelings in notes, cards and letters whi
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