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How Our Differences Can Bring Us Together

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. ~Audre Lorde~ In my previous article I wrote about whether our differences can bring us together. Now I would like to consider how this mi

Prices At The Gas Pump: What's Happening, And Why?

Have you noticed, a significant increase, in the prices, at the fuel pump, in the past few months? While prices, are still. well below their historic highs, they are also far above, the levels, in more recent times! In the past, prices spiked, when demand grew, at a far greater pace, than supply.

Critical Thinking: Is It Easy For The Media To Manipulate People's Emotions?

It has been said that the mainstream media doesn't need to prove that what they sell is the truth in order to influence people; the only thing that it needs to do is to make sure that people see the information. What this comes down to is that once someone has been exposed to a certain view, it c
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